Educational Tie Ups

specially designed program that forms a part of the school’s regular curriculum, the programme reaches out to children empowering them with the power of the performing arts at the convenience of their school premises. Its objective is to offer every student training, knowledge of fundamentals, styles and techniques. It also helps students to de-stress and develop well-rounded personalities.

Students are taught the various aspects of musical theatre and stage performance. They are empowered with technical knowledge, spatial awareness and performance guidelines. The complete performing arts experience helps students overcome stage fright, become more confident, learn to work in teams and feel a great sense of achievement.

How Dance Helps

It contributes towards your:

  1. Physical Growth
  2. Creative and Mental Growth
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. There is emphasis paid to overall physical development of the individual.
  5. All the performing arts involve a skill of performance and communication with an audience. Being on stage is been a dream for many. The programme emphasizes on boosting self-confidence and helping individuals getting in touch with their emotions, and expressing them through dance moves and expressions.
  6. Dancing, being a physical exercise is the best stress buster one can indulge in. Dancing within a group not only improves team-working skills but also improves interaction within the group. This helps improve over-all productivity.
  7. The programme includes exercises to help individuals on a path of self-discovery. For example, there are exercises to improve verbal skills, increasing over-all growth and confidence of the individual.
  8. The programme helps to instil social graces and etiquette – vital components to living in society. This creates a harmonious environment, thereby improving the culture of the institution.

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Corporate Workshops

Easing hectic work schedules and professional stress, we spread the joy of dance to working professionals at their corporate space! These customized dance sessions offer various dance styles and activities that help them de stress, improve team work and motivate employees.

We also choreograph annual Functions.